Tokyo Colour Guide

Tokyo Colour Guide

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Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber
Tokyo Colour Guide
Finding Le Corbusier ’s 63 Colours in ‚Deep Japan’

Artist Book, 2017
88 pages, 15 x 21 cm, digital print
unlimited edition


Everytime we come to Japan and talk about Minowa or Ikebukuro (places in Tokyo where we stayed during our first visits), about Nishinari or Kamagasaki in Osaka (places we find quite interesting, where we met nice and interesting people, who teached us a lot about Japanese history and present times) the reaktion is always the same: „Ohh. Deep Japan.“
To find out, what this ‚Deep Japan‘ might be, we visited these – and some other places – again and had a closer look.

Fotos taken 2017 in
Akihabara, Tokyo / Arakawa-Ku, Tokyo / Asaka, Osaka
Asakusa, Tokyo / Higashi-Sumida, Tokyo / Higashi-Toyama, Tokyo
Ikebukuro, Tokyo / Ikuno, Osaka / Kamagasaki, Osaka
Kirigaoka, Tokyo / Kotobuki-Cho, Yokohama / Mikawashima, Tokyo
Minowa, Tokyo / Nishinari, Osaka / San’ya, Tokyo
Sumida, Tokyo / Tateishi, Tokyo / Yokosuka

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